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  1. Stuart S.

    Pea Gravel

    I’m looking at building a stone walkway in my backyard where I keep my Sulcatas. I’m looking at doing stepping stones with pea gravel surrounding the stones, they’ll cover an area that’s about 120 square feet. I was curious to know if anyone else has used this? I only ask because I know Sulcatas...
  2. Stuart S.

    Advice moving forward

    Im the past I’ve posted videos of my younger Sulcata chasing my larger one around and it was “cute” at the time but the tables have turned. I posted a picture yesterday under my Spur the Sulcata thread of him mounting the younger. I separated them immediately. Today I brought the younger back...
  3. Stuart S.

    A little concern? (wheezing?)

    Hello everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here! We’ve just been going through life with a 3 year old and a 1 year old! I’ve noticed Spur’s breathing has been a little different lately, I can hear him blowing air through his nose. This is something that has recently come about. He...
  4. Stuart S.

    Thermometer\Humidity Gauge

    I’m hunting a thermometer/humidity reader that I can put in my Tortoise shed. Does anyone know of one that can connect to my home WiFi and my phone so I can keep track of the temps when I’m not home? I’m sure there’s something out there but I’m not the most technical person on the block. Any...
  5. Stuart S.

    Meet Stella the Sulcata

    We went to our first reptile show today, met a local breeder and was really impressed with him and his inventory and so we came away with a (hopefully) future girlfriend for Spur. We weren’t planning on getting another Sulcata but the stars aligned and my wife suggested we get another. She...
  6. Stuart S.

    Tortoise Cabin

    I had plans on constructing Spur’s outdoor house this summer but my grandmother offered me this for free and I’m really excited about its potential. It’s a dog house she had built for their Rottweiler that they had to put down (he never used it and a storm blew the door off last year, they’ve...
  7. Stuart S.

    Visitor for the Day

    I'm not very frequent on this side of the forum but grew up loving box turtles and so I thought I would share this...on my way home from turkey hunting yesterday I came across this little one on a pretty busy road so I picked it up and brought it home for my 2 year old to see and she fell in...
  8. Stuart S.

    Dogs and Torts do not mix. Period.

    Not a good day for us... I have my dog pen separated from Spur’s part of the yard by a heavy duty dog kennel gate with a 4x4 along the bottom (not buried) just up against the kennel to keep him from getting in there. The dog pen is his favorite part of the yard (I never let him in with the dogs...
  9. Stuart S.

    Does anyone recognize this?

  10. Stuart S.

    Fire Ants

    I’ve skimmed through a couple of threads in the past but I couldn’t locate them.. I wanted to ask those of you in fire ant country, what’s a safe you get rid of those things out of your yard?? Spur has been outside most days lately and they’re bad here in North East Texas.. I hate them..
  11. Stuart S.

    Herbal Hay

    Just got some Tortoise Herbal Hay in from Tyler at Tortoise Supply, I’ve been looking forward to adding this to Spur’s diet. Has anyone else tried? Looks like great stuff
  12. Stuart S.

    Super Bowl LII

    Who are you pulling for? Eagles or Patriots?
  13. Stuart S.

    Starting a small Betta set up

    So my wife and I are starting a small Betta set up for my daughter (for her viewing pleasure) but obviously I’ll be taking care of it. Is anyone familiar with the initial cycle of a tank, I wanted to run my set up by y’all and see what y’all thought?
  14. Stuart S.


    I couple years ago I dropped off all social media except this forum but have recently gotten back onto Instagram because I enjoy photography, just wanted to see if anyone else was on it. Also, does anyone know who runs the tortoise forum Instagram page?
  15. Stuart S.

    Tortoise Gourmet by Zoomed

    I recently came across this and wanted to see if anyone else has used it?? I regularly use the grassland tortoise pellets, but I thought this would be good to mix things up. I love the ingredients and Spur really seemed to enjoy it too. I won’t use it in the Summer time but during this cold snap...
  16. Stuart S.

    Tortoise Yard Prep

    This Spring I will begin building Spur’s outdoor pen and I just wanted to get some ideas on plants I should plant? I have a couple ideas but I wanted to pull some wisdom as well. I pulled that large vine out so the only thing I have in the back now is Bermuda grass and rose bushes [emoji41]
  17. Stuart S.

    Does anyone know this plant?

    This bush is in our backyard and I'm not sure what it is? Just wondering if I need to remove it or barricade it off from the little one?
  18. Stuart S.

    Is this fine?

    Spur loves to burrow in his enclosure and it appears he's somewhat separated one of the scales above his this fine/normal occurrence or should I treat it? There has never been any blood or fluids coming from it and he still acts perfectly fine...just wanted to see what you guys thought..
  19. Stuart S.

    Has anyone tried this?

    I came across this and thought it was pretty funny..I was wondering if anyone has done this or something similar?
  20. Stuart S.

    Looking for Cactus Pads

    I'm looking for some prickly pear cactus pads for my sulcata...if you have some message me your price and shipping. I have both PayPal and Venmo. Cactus is a hard thing to come by in my neck of the woods...thanks for any help!