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  1. TMartin510

    Enclosure cover

    Hey I was wondering if a top is needed for birds to stay away, I had one bad experience when I was younger, but that tort was a baby and maybe that's why the scrub jay was attracted to it? My redfoot is huge, and I was thinking maybe the bird would leave it be, or if I put up a scare crow...
  2. TMartin510

    Outdoor Redfoot Enclosure

    I have a question, So I'm in California and it gets decently cold outside probably around the 60s right now, maybe even colder in winter like 50 and 40s early morning. I was wondering what some of you use to help heat your torts at night, I've seen some of you heat the inside of there hide, but...
  3. TMartin510

    Just got my second Redfoot!

    Redfoot female!
  4. TMartin510

    Redfoots Groups!

    Hey Redfoot owners, I was wondering if you house In groups and if so what kind of gender mix would you say works for you? I am gettin a second female redfoot today, and I will let them roam together but for now house them separately until I finish my enclosure outside. Any tips? Thanks!
  5. TMartin510

    Terra cotta saucer dish.

    They have two kind, one plastic and one hard clay, which is the one to get that would be better? Thanks! I'm at home depot now looking lol
  6. TMartin510

    PUG! :D

    Any one have or like pugs? Here's my 9 year old pug named Pugsley lol.
  7. TMartin510

    Reptile Room - Hayward CA

    For those of you near Hayward CA or in the Bay Area I just wanted to let you know my experience with this store, I've been going here since I was a kid, and so far I have had nothing but good experiences, The girl that works there is very nice and cares for those reptiles deeply and cares for...
  8. TMartin510

    Russian Tort - Male or Female?

    If any one can help I'd greatly appreciate it! Looks female to me but the tale is longer.
  9. TMartin510

    My Red-foot. Need help to see if Bowzer is a male or Female.

    I asked my friend to take a pic while I'm gone but it seems he scared my Redfoot, can you still tell or do I need a better picture? Thanks!
  10. TMartin510

    Real... or Fake...

    So ima start a little off topic chat. Me and my brother just have been lookin up legends and mythical creatures ones that have "sightings" or even Ghost hunt/Adventures. So feel free to post your opinions and the best evidence you can find if you feel like searching. And whether you think they...
  11. TMartin510

    My late Introduction.

    Hey everyone, I missed this part when I joined up so I figured better late then never. I'm just gonna take a couple minutes to introduce my self to you all. I joined up here when I got my Red-foot Bowzer, and I was looking up questions about him/her I'm pretty sure he's a he as that's what the...
  12. TMartin510

    Help please! Sea Urchin wound.

    Is there anyone here familiar with a sea urchin wound and what the risks are. I read all different kinds of things online, They aren't venomous. Then I read that they all are and they have two defense mechanisms and they can be seriously poisenous and need to be treated right away. The wound...
  13. TMartin510

    Redfoot - Hayward CA - May be a long shot.

    This may be a long shot but I was wondering if anyone on here purchased a Red-foot from the Reptile Room in Hayward CA. I believe the Redfoot was a she. And had a mate along with her in the enclosure at time of purchase. I think around 4 years old give or take. Thanks!
  14. TMartin510

    Cool stuff from the Big Island of Hawaii.

    Some cool stuff from my trip! I will see if I can get some pictures in a submarine soon aswell!
  15. TMartin510

    Green Sea Turtles.

    For all who want to see!
  16. TMartin510

    Reptile Show - CA

    I just wanted to let everyone know that doesn't know in Cali that there's a reptile show being held August 15th and 16th next week in San Jose, CA. I forget which center it is at exactly but if anyone needs to know I will find out right away! Thanks all and have a great day with your Torts!! :)
  17. TMartin510


    Hey everyone I was wondering what you all do with your Redfoots when you go on vacation I keep mine inside, I have a timer set for the lights. I am going to make a portable home for him and leave him with a friend for the week but I am worried about stressing him out so much. I've heard that...
  18. TMartin510

    Zoo Med Eco Carpet

    I was wondering if anyone has used the Zoo Med Eco carpet and I was wondering if you all think it might be a good and easy to clean substrate. I just got a Redfoot, and I have him in some Eco Earth. However I got him a auto mister and fogger and added a fountain, and the fountain waterfall seems...