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  1. EKLC

    I am disgusted and devastated.

    It is important that we keep an eye on this case, and make sure they don't slip through the cracks. As minors I worry that a slap on the wrist is all they will get. I hope this goes viral enough that there is pressure for action from the courts. I will definitely write my representatives...
  2. EKLC

    Gopher tortoise hanging out on the side of a highway [pic + vid]

    I was driving along a rural highway in Ocala, FL today and saw this gopher tortoise in the grass. I pulled over to make sure she wasn't trying to cross and got a few shots. She was furiously eating grass when I came upon her, and then ran off to her burrow, which she had to cross a barbed wire...
  3. EKLC

    Hatchling gophers

    We are a rehab facility, so we release them back where they came from when they can fend for themselves.
  4. EKLC

    Hatchling gophers

    Someone found these two in their yard (with dogs) and the one on the right has some swelling due to ant bites. I brought them to the rehab center that I volunteer for, and they're doing fine.
  5. EKLC

    Just wondering... (everyone's location?)

    miami FL, greatest tortoise weather in the continental US :)
  6. EKLC

    Careers in Herpetology?

    Some universities offer a zoology major. You can take courses in herpetology and volunteer with professors who do field work with herps. Zoos also offer internships and volunteer oppurtunities. State and federal governments employ herpetologists to conduct studies on native and invasive...
  7. EKLC

    Nature vs Nurture

    Sounds like she's doing a pretty good impression of a gopher tortoise. They come out every so often in the winter to raise their body temps with some basking. I imagine packed into the sand down there, with no wind, they hold onto the heat pretty well.
  8. EKLC

    Turtles to be killed due to overcrowding at rescue centre

    I want to petition to have sulcatas officially renamed to be "sulcata giant tortoises" so people don't randomly buy the cute little babies in the pet stores
  9. EKLC

    Found a UVB transmitting plastic sheet!

    it is about $700 for a 10' x 7' sheet
  10. EKLC

    Webcam monitoring

    I did it a few years ago, so if you are looking for another method that's free: 1. Install a VNC server on your laptop with the webcam (I used tightVNC) 2. Install the VNC client on your phone or work computer 3. Use a free dynamic DNS service so that you don't have to worry about your IP...
  11. EKLC

    Weed ID

    second one is either chamberbitter or longstalked phyllanthus. Both are in the spurge family and are not edible
  12. EKLC


    They will sprout in the coir, but you will have to move them to real soil, or they won't have nutrients to grow
  13. EKLC

    Tortoise cognition

    It would make sense that tortoises would have a superior spatial memory and planning ability to other reptiles, as they need to avoid getting stuck in places, and can't reverse mistakes very quickly. Good find
  14. EKLC

    Plant id Yvonne where are you

    There is an article about cudweed killing cattle via nitrate toxicosis. But that may be more of a ruminant thing. It's in the compositae family which has some winners (dandelions) and losers (wedelia), so I wouldn't feed it, but wouldn't worry about it growing sporadically in your yard for a...
  15. EKLC

    Plant id Yvonne where are you

    yea the closest match I see is Shiny Cudweed (gnaphalium spicatum)
  16. EKLC

    Tortoise showed up! Now what?

    Are you anywhere near here: I read awhile back that they were using tortoises to control invasive weeds
  17. EKLC

    Recommendations for a thermostat controlled space heater

    The cool season is approaching, and it is more efficient to keep my reptile room warm with a space heater than to keep the whole house warm. My reptile room is about 100 sq ft, and is always closed. Anyone have any recommendations for a safe, reliable space heater that can keep the room at about...
  18. EKLC

    Cool barred owl I rescued last night

    He was standing in the middle of the street, hit by a car and a little concussed. In very good shape though, so I'm just keeping him over night. It was amazing to see him spread his wings in the context of my small duplex, they were close to 4 feet across.
  19. EKLC

    Anyone know what this is?

    This is called southern sida, it's in the mallow family, so I let them eat it It might not be exactly southern sida, but it's a type of sida for sure
  20. EKLC

    Another rescue with a shell wound

    We have seen some weird plastron peeling like that in our gophers, and the vets were unable to diagnose it. Some weird fungal thing. Is he on antibiotics now? Are you near the gainesville area? I help rescue gophers around there