food and diet

  1. Inspire2be

    Safe outdoor weeds? Please help. Appreciate responses! (Russian)

    I have a new Russian & I live in upstate NY. Can anyone glimpse these 6 (labeled with each pic for clear photo) pictures & tell me if these are safe for Oogway to eat or not. I’m sure it’s been asked a ton but I just want to make sure lil dude eats right & appreciate any...
  2. EllisEditz

    Redfoot Tortoise Eating Dandelions Growing Outside.?

    what is yall opinions on feeding dandelions found growing outside as its getting warm now they are growing everywhere and i was thinking of picking a few washing them and feeding them to my RF, i havent proceeded to do it yet as ino there could be all sorts of things on them plants, but what if...
  3. S

    Russian tortoise partially ate a store-bought rose

    My Russian boy Flash was hungry, and my dad decided to get my mom roses when he got home from work earlier. She decided to take a few of the rose petals and feed them to him as a treat, but I was a little hesitant and I looked up if they could eat roses. I told her right away that they shouldn’t...
  4. D

    Newie mom, just found tortoise

    My husband was walking the dogs and found a sulcata tortoise on the sidewalk. He seems to be eating fine. Greens, grass and soaked pellet. I have him right now in a laundry basket with heat light and heating pad. I just ordered him a house. I was wondering whats the best substrate and humidifier...
  5. snailpeekoutofshell

    Urate in food dish?

    Beans got to work chowing down on the dried food from yesterday before I could get up to grab him some new food this morning, but he also had left pee/urate. I use a large terracotta saucer for feeding so it soaked in quite a bit, although it was still quite easy to clean. He's only done this a...
  6. C

    Is it ok for leopard tortoises to eat moss?

    There is moss growing in my garden, and I sometimes let my leopard tortoise roam around there to bask under the sun and eat some weeds. And every time when it sees moss, it would nibble on them. When I see this, I always pick it up and put him/her somewhere else because I'm scared the moss might...
  7. tazpjm

    Cactus Fig?

    Hello, I found cactus fig and checked tortoise table but they only have cactus, and there are different kinds. I have a greek (tunisian to be specific) and I was wondering if she could eat this? If so how do I prepare it?
  8. Ojus Parth

    Tortoise poop a lot

    Hi I am new here so I don't know much about it.I am bit of worried about my baby tortoise he poops a lot. And colour of poop is greenish. anyone please tell it's a health problem or not?
  9. F

    New Russian Tortoise

    Hello! I just brought my Russian Tortoise home today. I’m feeling pretty confident about how his enclosure is looking so far, but I have found some conflicting information on a few topics: 1. I have a heat lamp as well as a UVB lamp. Currently I only have a heat lamp that emits light as well. I...
  10. D

    Novice requires urgent help

    Hi All we have in the last 24hours unexpectedly inherited this beautiful girl. She hasn’t had the best living conditions so we want to make that right for her future so would therefore appreciate any help/advice from those who know rather than the conflicting advice I seem to be getting from...
  11. Maggy

    Where to buy in Utah?

    I have a Hermanns tortoise and I am trying to give him a better diet. I am in the Sandy/Salt Lake City area and am wondering if anyone knows of a local place that I can get him grown food from? I want to use grocery stores as little as I can but I'm just not sure where else to go that won't have...
  12. F

    Odd tortoise situation

    Hello, I have had a few issues with my tortoise and I am unsure how best to go forward. (he is about 3 and a half years old and is a Hermans tortoise. At the start of 2018 he was 37g but now we are at 706g. Gender is still unknown.) I got him a few years ago not long after he had been hatched...
  13. NaniRedstone

    What to feed a redfoot?

    Hi Everybody, so Redstone our redfooted tortoise hardly eats ? so far he's had mixes of kale/dandelion leaves/ parsley/ squash/ spring greens/ tomatoes/ superworms/ strawberries & mango (not all at once) but those have been the only things I've managed to get so far, but any way with researching...
  14. C

    Checking health

    Hey all! I recently became a Russian tortoise mom (about 1 1/2 months ago). When he (Littlefoot) first arrived, he didn’t eat for like almost two weeks. Then he started eating a lot of greens each day. Recently in the last couple days he started being pickier and eating very little compared to...
  15. hazelnut_twirl15

    Baby Tortoise- how much should I feed him?

    I have bought a Horsefield Tortoise which the lady in the shop thought was about 6 months old, his shell is about 2.5 inches long, cutest little guy! Please can I get some advice on what to feed him as well as how much and how often. I've read so much info which contradicts itself, feeling very...
  16. V

    A Beginner to Beginner Advice - Plus "Thank You!"

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the amazing, inspirational tort owners and the helpful information I've received on this site. (Long post - strap in) I spent a long time considering what animal to get as a pet. I live in rented accommodation and a cat or dog would not be...
  17. trey329

    Can I feed grasses to a baby sulcata tortoise everyday?

    Hi tortoise lovers, I have a baby sulcata tortoise which was born just a month ago. I have been feeding him for 4 days everyweek. I have a empty space in the cage so thinking of planting something but then he will have a free access to the food all the time. I saw some people are saying that...
  18. P

    My Sulcata Tortoise is malnourished(not by me)

    I got about a 5 year old Sulcata tortoise and it is only about 8 inches long and only a couple pounds. I have been feeding her and she has snapped out of a sort of hibernation mode within the last couple weeks and gotten a bit bigger, but I’m wondering if she will ever get to the size she should...
  19. R

    Baby red foot hasn’t eaten in days.

    Hi! It’s been about almost a week and my baby tortoise hasn’t been eating anything of what I’ve been giving her. She’s only taken nibbles and that’s about it. She has been drinking her water and staying hydrated. Is this normal? Help would be greatly appreciated!
  20. M

    Hermanns not eating any greens help please!

    So my Hermanns, I got her from a pet store back in October, she was eating greens kinda, for awhile not a lot but she was eating some. I tried mixing greens with peppers and the standard Mazuri, she was not having it. I have learned she loves cucumber and strawberries and butternut squash but I...