1.1 Flawless Marginated tortoises

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Sep 7, 2007
I have an amazing pair of adult proven Marginated tortoises (Testudo marginata). The female is probably one of the best looking specimens around. She is jet black with the cream center of the scutes and is unbelievably smooth. She has not one hint of pyramiding and her scute arrangement is perfect. She is 9". The male is larger at 10" and has the same outstanding coloration and is perfect except for his vertebral scutes being slightly raised. Both are just stunning and 100% healthy, feeding and breeding.

I am looking to trade them out possibly for other species of Mediterranean tortoises. I am looking for very large eastern hermann's tortoises, larger adult dalmatian tortoises ANY size western hermann's tortoises, large Ibera greek and Lybian greek tortoises and Egyptian tortoises. I may also consider Radiateds if you have your CBW permit.

Please keep in mind that the trade value on this pair is $2,000 and if you know tortoises then you know adult female marginata are VERY hard to come by and almost impossible to find them when they look this perfect.

Photos available to serious inquiries only, and I am only parting with them because they are my only pair of this species and I'd like to kee adding to my other tortoise groups which are already growing.

Take advantage of this RARE opportunity.

Thank you.

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