1 month old Hermann’s Tortoise


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Mar 1, 2019
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Hello everybody this is my first time posting here.
I just received my first Hermann’s Tortoise and it is one month old. I currently have her in a mixing cement tub with cypress and coconut coir since I saw kamp Kenan recommend that. The basking temp is 95 right now, I checked it with a zoo med thermometer and a infrared thermometer. The humidity is 70%. The overall temp has been at 70f this whole time. I have a humid box for her also. My CHE is getting here today. I have soaked her 20 mins today and yesterday morning and evening in warm water. I was just wondering what the overall temperature should be during the day and night and the humidity level. I’ve been giving her dandelion and a little bit of spring mix and open to any diet advice. I did so much research but I still feel like I have more to do since I’m not satisfied. I am open to any advice to make sure I do everything right since I am so paranoid.

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