12 year old Russian Tortoise to Rehome

David Williams

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Jun 22, 2024
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Hudson, OH
Hello, I have a 12 year old Russian tortoise that I would like to rehome. It is my daughter’s tortoise, but she is in college now, my wife has health issues I need to attend to, and we cannot give the tortoise the attention it deserves. I live in Hudson, OH. I am willing to provide a new habitat, substrate, and lamp for free. I will deliver tortoise to you assuming a reasonable distance. Let me know if you interested.


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Sep 6, 2011
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Chicago, Illinois, USA
Just want to give you a warning about new members that join just to get a free tortoises so they can then sell it
Be diligent on asking questions, pictures of where they will house the tortoise, outside in summer is the best. What size enclosure if housed inside, a 4x8 foot is a minimum for an adult Russian.
Ask questions about how they should be housed, temps, diet, if all that seems to match the care info on this forum and they sound good and not a flipper then you likely have a good home to pick.

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