4 Sub-Adult Leopard Tortoises Sale

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Nov 7, 2009
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Tortoises sale

Hello Forum Friends:

I have decided to sell these 4 sub-adult tortoises. I believe the group to be 1.3 but request you to verify and judge for yourself and I do not guarantee sex due to size. I am fairly confident of their sexes though. First let me tell you the background: These three hatched out by me, well my Gracie girl February 19, 21, and 25, 2011. They were given to a friend of mine for the first year. My friend broke her back and could no longer care for them, so I paid to have them shipped back to me. They have been in my care ever since getting a slow, steady growth in Arizona. I did temp sex these three to be females. They all have been extremely healthy and active. I do want to note there is an underbite that I occasionally file the beak as needed, but in no way has affected eating. I try diligently to give all the facts and do the very best I can to provide information on my tortoises, so you can make an informed decision. I love that as they age, they are becoming more domed like their mother. The male was not hatched by me and has been in my care for under a year. He also has been very active, mounting females but I have not observed any dominant tendencies (i.e. Ramming) and although he has some pyramiding, he is doing fantastic. Their scl measurements for all four are 7.5, 7, 7, and 6.25. They have all been fed on healthy diets: grasses, weeds, grape and mulberry leaves, hibiscus leaves, and spineless optunia cactus that we have readily available.

I am selling the 4 as a group to forum members only at $1,350 firm. I really would prefer them for to to a forum member than outsider, as I am such an advocate of this site. Shipping is available at an additional cost, which will be whatever price shipyourreptiles charges from my zipcode to yours. Local pickup is fine too.

I am attaching a picture of the mother, Gracie, for you to view. You are welcome to go through past posts from me and view other pictures of Gracie from even 4-5 years ago.

Gracie is not for sale

Last picture male
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