A few questions regarding pancake torts!


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Jun 2, 2012
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Gran Pulse
Hi, I apologize if some of these are repeat questions. I tried to search all the info on here for answers. However, I may have missed one or 2.

What size or age can a pancake go outside in an outdoor enclosure? I am getting a hatchling.

If you get a pancake and plan on getting a second from the same breeder as the first one do you still need to quarantine?

What is the ideal basking temp for a hatchling? And what's to cold on the cooling side? Do you think 60 Watt is okay for a 20 gallon long tank ? This tank is just temporary so please don't judge. By temporary I mean 2 months max. Then I will be providing a larger size habitat.

How can I make a closed chamber out of a 20 gallon long? Is it impossible?

Thanks all!

african cake queen

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Feb 6, 2011
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Hi, I keep my hatchings in a twenty.Not sure what I will do with the babies, my pair have had over the years. I also have a 50gallon. As the babies get a little bigger they go in the bigger tank. The oldest in the tank is 3 yrs. To almost a year. I treat the bigger tank, like I would the parents,and the smaller tank , I would keep it 85, 90. It's a smaller tank heats faster. I take out all the cAkes, All the time. They love and need it.They love to Sun and soak here. We get thru a hard winter and live outside in the summer time.I would take any cake to a vet. Before I put it in with any of mine. I think they do quarantine New tortoises.

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