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Oklahoma city
This gave me a chuckle and I wanted to share it with my fellow tortoise nerds.

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Thats my zoo! Lol one of the females was apparently one of our first animals in the entire zoo 😁 she's an old girl and i think the male is about 45yrs ish, so definitely a cougar 😉 he doesn't mind though lol

If you're ever out here, see our elephants and our Oklahoma trails (has all native animals)
Our elephants are in a breeding program here so we also get babies! 😁


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Now I can't unsee a plump tortie slipping out of its shell :oops:

My family is from the northeast side, so I've only ever been to OKC maybe once. I am always pretty impressed at how educational and involved the zoo is on FB, so I may have to make a detour the next time I visit!

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