Additional Turtle to house with my West African Mud Turtle (African Sideneck Turtle)?


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Apr 11, 2022
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Manassas, VA

I currently own a 4 1/2" West African Mud Turtle (more commonly known as the African Sideneck Turtle) and I have her in a 75 gallon tank. I have been thinking about getting another turtle and wondering what would be some good tankmates for her? I currently have her with Buenos Aires and Silvertip Tetras and she completely ignores them which leads me to think that maybe housing another turtle could be successful.

Currently I have her tank setup up to where you cannot see the other side of the tank, meaning I have multiple fake plants, live plants, driftwood, and rocks breaking the line of sight.

One turtle that I have wanted to keep is a Red Bellied Shortneck, Emydura subglobosa, or more commonly known as the pink bellied sideneck. Both have very similar water parameters. The main reason that leads me to thinking that this pair could work is that while my West African Mud turtle occupies the bottom part of the tank, the pink belly would occupy the top part as they are great swimmers.

If this pair isn't a good idea, then what would be? Perhaps an African Helmeted or no other turtle? I would appreciate any insight whether it be good or bad!


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Nov 2, 2020
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She will be happiest alone, reptiles really don’t need companionship. The side necks I’ve seen housed together in a 1000+ gallon exhibit were very aggressive towards one another and we’re constantly biting each other.

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