Adult Forsten's Tortoises


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Sep 7, 2007
Before reading any further, I want to be clear that these tortoises are in no way, shape or form part of any of the recent shipments of this species in the last few years. I purchased them from a keeper who has had them 11 YEARS. They are proven, healthy and ROCK SOLID. So, these will not be let go for anything less than what I am seeking. This is a pure high quality and problem free trio.

2 males and 1 female Indotestudo forstenii are being offered.

I know what a long term, established and reliable reverse trio is worth so please, do not low ball.

I am mainly looking for large adult Ibera Greek tortoises (Testudo ibera). Large means bigger than 7", the bigger the better.

I would also consider trades for adult Marginated tortoises, Libyan greeks and possibly some BIG Eastern Hermann's tortoises (and by big I mean BIG like 8" and up).

Of course photos, stats and anything else can be provided to the serious party.

If these forstenii are something you are interested in and you have what I am looking for, please contact me at:

[email protected]

Please do not PM me on here.