Adult South African Pardalis Pardalis Breeding Pair for Sale

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ben awes

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Jul 30, 2013
Hi All,

I am sorry to say that I have decided to put up for sale my breeding pair of South African P. Pardalis Leopard Tortoises. The reason is pretty simple, as some of you know I purchased an Aldabra early last fall and from the beginning I knew that this probably meant that I would have to turn my attention to a larger enclosure with more dedicated space for the aldabra's needs.

That being said I am very sad to let them go. I raised them both from hatchlings. Both come from great bloodlines. The female, Aphrodite, came from Jeff Price back in 2003. She is currently 17 5/8" straight line and 32 lbs. My male, Hercules, came from Richard Fife's stock in 2006 is 17 1/4" straight line, and 26 lbs.

She first laid eggs in 2010. That year she laid 4 clutches of about 30 eggs. The following years she laid 5 clutches, then 6 clutches, then 6 clutches, with this past year totalling around 60 eggs. She has laid every clutch indoors and I know of no other P. Pardalis successfully breeding indoors!

I have documented every meal every day of their lives since the day I bought them, with their weight every week, and the length ever month. I believe in providing great care for my animals and have done my best to raise healthy, strong leopards. Both animals are in terrific shape and are in the prime of their lives. I feed 70 - 80% Orchard Grass Hay with Mazuri and fresh vegetables mixed in, in addition to weekly cactus, and occasional fruit. They have an outdoor and indoor enclosure and they spend as much time as possible outside in the spring, summer, and fall.

They have provided a wonderful additional income to my family with lots of babies hatched every year. I have a facebook page just for my P.Pardalis Leopard tortoise business called CHUBS Leopards. It's easy to find if you are on Facebook. They are wonderful animals.

I am asking $5,000 for the pair and would prefer to sell them together. Contact me if you have serious interest. Of course they would come with a health certificate. I have worked with one vet their whole life. Shipping would be additional. I have not shipped tortoises this big before, so would work with you on the method and terms.

If you want some great tortoises, and literally and instant business, let me know. These are big P. Pardalis Leopards and it is rare to see them come on the market this size - it's a unique opportunity. They're just getting warmed up when it comes to breeding!

Cheers, and thanks for looking.

Ben Awes
CHUBS Leopards



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