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Jan 4, 2013
My name is Jessica. I live in Ottawa, Canada and have recently began reading posts on this site. I am a huge reptile lover and I am looking into adding a pair of Egyptian Tortoises to my reptile family. I have many reptiles including 2 Green Basilisks, 2 Frilled Dragons, 1 Giant
Madagascar Day Gecko, 1 Yellow Mali Uromastyx, 2 Bearded dragons, 2 Leopard Geckos, 5 Corn snakes, 2 Ball Pythons, 1 Rosy Tarantula, 1 Japanese Reeves Turtle and finally 1 Mississippi Map Turtle (and also a cat and tiny Yorkie :) I take great pride in creating large housing that mimics their natural habitats. Several of my pets are rescues and a few have had to be rehabilitated. As you can see I have several desert animals, some rainforest and also the aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles. Each have different housing/heating and humidity needs. I would appriciate any advice on the adoption/care of Egyptian Tortoises. I have been reading up on them and I am sad that this beautiful animal is near extintion in the wild. I would like to contribute to helping this species by breeding them. I think it would be wonderful to donate babies to local zoos and see the population grow. I am only familiar with incubating snake eggs but am very dedicated and would certainly monitor the extra temp/humidity needs of tortoise eggs. If I ever am fortunate enought to come accross a breeding pair I hope to have advice from friends on this site. I first found this site when I was looking into purchacing a pair from an on-line ad. I did not feel comfortable with dealing with him so I searched his name Marcin Makarewicz [[email protected]] Thank you to all the posters on this site who identified him as a SCAM. Appearanly he uses several different name and locations. Currently he says he has atortoise farm in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Canada. This is a small town of 7500 people. Since he claimed to have all of his animals vet checked, I contacted the only local vet who is certain there is no such farm in that area. I am looking forward to exploring this site. I also loved a post that suggested to use a tall/ wide bookshelf without the shelves as a simple tortosise habitat. I have one that when lyi Egyptian tortoise 02 ng down flat is 15 ft squared! Great idea!
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