Argan Oil vs Coconut vs Olive Oil


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Feb 15, 2008
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My tBMI came out to 1.20:

-1.16 to 1.33: There is only about a 15% chance that this tortoise is healthy at this weight. It is probably at least somewhat obese and needs appropriate care.

Should I be putting him on a diet? Perhaps more exercise? Combination thereof? I assume from the table that his hydration is good, but a bit overweight. Am I reading that correctly?

Yeah, and congrats for finding and applying it! Note that if you did the weighing shortly after a good soak or it is full of food or poop, it can throw the results off some. The treatment is about the same as it is for a person- diet and exercise. Diet would be mostly cutting out the sugary things. Lots of us overfeed our redfoots on sweet/juicy fruit or meat with fats and calories. The sorts of fruits these guys eat in the wild are pretty unappetizing to us- one is described as tasting like potatoes, others like very sour cherries. They are high in nutrients and low in moisture/sugar.

Try increasing the boring things- dark leafy greens; leaves from things like mulberry, dandelion, or hibiscus (that have not been sprayed or treated); edible flowers; and the like and cutting back fruits (and any meats you may be offering) to smaller, less frequent portions. Also try to offer your tort more space and variety to explore so it wanders and climbs around more.

One all-too-human mistake we make with torts is to think of them as small mammals- but they are a LOT different. They thrive on amounts of food that would quickly starve a same-size mammal, but the small amounts of food they do best on look cruelly small to our mammalian eyes.

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