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Nov 7, 2012
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Hey all, covid is playing havoc with global supply chains - not new news, I know. It is effecting the organics market quite a bit as well. That elusive mulberry source seems to have been very disrupted.

I have Backyard Harvest Mulberry, and organic sourced Moringa and now the Ginkgo.

Special of the month is the three trees Tres arbor, but not all organics.
Four ounces if organic sourced Moringa, four ounces of organic sourced Ginkgo*, and four ounces of Backyard Harvest Mulberry, 12 ounces total $24.99, as always that's the whole prices taxes and shipping included.

You may notice, if you're a price watcher like myself, some prices have gone up, other have come down.

I have noticed several people are buying a whole or half pound of hibiscus about every month or so. All these dried products have at least a two year shelf life, now noted on each bag.

For you bulk buyers. 4 pounds of organic sourced hibiscus including taxes and shipping will be $56.99, the quick math, you get a four pounds for the price of three - one pound purchases. That's the way I buy stuff. I look at shelf life, my use over time, and buy the most that fits the ratio of use:time, IF it offers economy. Not to be a tricky guy, but it will list on the webpage as $75.96 - on sale for $56.99. That will be the always price, and I'll offer this rational for transparency on the product page.

I am truly appreciative and grateful to people who point out errors on the webpage. Thank you, it helps make it better and brings functionality. Please give me about an hour before you go to buy these things, I did not ad them to the store yet.

*Ginkgo on TTT is a "Feed Sparingly" and the caution is based on extracts from the leaves - NOT the leaves as they are. Here is the analysis of leaves as food, not some extract.

Will, Biologist/Owner
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