Baby Indian Star Tortoises

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Nov 7, 2012
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4 months old, $400 each plus shipping ($50) or all four shipped for $1600.

I will pack them separately so no mixing occurs if you decide to buy more than one species. Look at other ads here on Tortoise Forum or at Kapidolo Farms on Facebook.

I prefer to ship on a Monday or Tuesday to offer as many work days as possible to resolve any potential shipping issue. All tortoises are shipped FedEx overnight Priority with 'Reptiles 2 You'.

All tortoises ship with a sample of one of Kapidolo Farms tortoise foods, Cactus Chips, or repackaged USDA certified Moringa, Alfalfa, Plantain, Hibiscus Blossoms, or Mulberry. If you don't choose I'll send a random choice. All these food items can be purchased in ½ pound portions, "Tortoise Food" ad here on Tortoise Forum ad.

Live arrival guarantee: I have maintained all tortoises sold from Kapidolo Farms long enough to feel confident to sell them under the Kapidolo Farms banner, they are thriving, eating-pooping and show active growth. I guarantee live arrival. You must be present to receive the tortoise(s) on first delivery attempt or within one hour of arrival for FedEx ship center pick-up. Any concern must be addressed right away, within an hour. Life time follow-up five minutes, days, weeks, or years is always available, via direct communication at the email listed in this ad.

I have friends that don't want to deal with selling, so I partner with them on a tortoise by tortoise basis. These Indian star tortoises come from Jill W. They are robust.

To buy contact Will Espenshade, Biologist
[email protected]
Kapidolo Farms, All Tortoise – All the Time
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