Baby spur thighed SHELLY only wants to bask under her UVB strip light

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Jan 6, 2021
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Hi all

I’m a new mum to my baby Greek Spur- Thighed tortoise - Shelly - she is beautiful! I was bought her and her home plus accessories for Christmas. I have continued to monitor her every 5 -10 minutes checking the temperatures in the room and around her home.Our home in general is always warm- especially in the living room which is where her tortoise table is. She has a beautiful set up full of bits and bobs - but no matter what I do she continues to bask happily under the UVB zoomed strip light - she NEVER goes under her ceramic 100w basking lamp - I have used probes directly under the light to monitor the temps - the lamp is also connected to a dimmer thermostat which I have set to 32 degrees celsius I have however noticed that where she does bask ( under the UVB strip)- temperature is around 29 degrees Celsius, is this wrong? I’ll attach pics so you can see her and her set up - all help and advise is welcome ? thanks all Image Image

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