Baby sulcotta sick. help!

Lisa zale

New Member
Oct 18, 2015
3 month old sulcotta very lethargic. When we first got her she was very energetic. For about a week she became very inactive. The pet store owner said she was probably dehydrated. So we've been soaking her twice a day- one of those times in a pedalyte mixture ( as reccomended by the owner ). That seemed to perk her up- whenever she was in the water she became active again. She's not eating- and we haven't been seeing any poop we think. So she's soaking right now and is still lethargic and her head keeps going under water, then she pulls it up. I am so sad. We can't find a vet around that knows reptiles- is she dying?? How can we help her? Tank temp is from 95-100 degrees.

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