Best Aquatic/Pond Plants for feeding [Red Eared Slider]


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Mar 16, 2019
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Hi All, I'm a very long time member but just recently got back into turtle keeping, so it's nice to come back to the community.

I have a young rescued RES that I'm raising in an indoor pond environment and I'm trying to transition him to greens using pond plants. In the past I've had Water Hyacinth but he seems bored of it, and now he likes Water Lettuce, but recently I've read mixed opinions for incorporating it into an RES's diet (High in oxalates for tortoises but safe for turtles? Wasn't quite clear what that indicates).

If anyone has personal experience in feeding aquatic plants to turtles, please let me know what's most nutritious/sustainable/why. Or even reliable turtle feeding resources to use. Thank you all!

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Jan 23, 2008
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There's a turtle club member who cleans out his pond about once a year of water hyacinth. He bags it up in plastic garbage bags and brings it to me for my pond. He brings me 6 or 8 LARGE garbage bags of the plants and I toss them all in my pond. It takes my turtles about a week to clean them up and make them gone. And the whole pond is covered with plants. They LOVE that stuff.

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