Big cuttebone & walking?


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Oct 1, 2022
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I got 2 huge cuttlefish bones from a friend that are about the size of the Sulcata (I dont know its sex yet).
He/she in fav shoebox w/ the cuttlebone.
Can he/she consume this cuttlebone?? Or should I Break it into tiny little pieces?

Heres a Video: walking Video
does this style of walking is fine?? I asked a local group in facebook, some suggests for x-ray for possible bs, while others say its totally fine and its due to the ceramics.

I am currently just moved in an apartment, he/she can freeroam around + get into its slumber nest anytime.
I kept most of the semi-closed place such as the sleeping quarter and shoebox 80+ in humidity, while average humidity around the unit is 70ish, avg temp is 28°C, I have set CHEs & Flood bulb for higher temp basking area. He/she get access to the balcony for direct sunlight.


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Sep 6, 2011
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First, he should not be roaming your floors. I know he was so you can take the video, but on a normal basis he should not be roaming the floors.
Second that shoe box is way too small. He needs a proper sized enclosure with proper heat and lighting before he gets terribly sick. By the time you would notice he is sick, it's a battle getting them better.
Leave the cuttlebone as is or you can break it in half. You can also just scrape some of it onto the food. It scrapes off easy into a powder.
Video is way too cute. Normal to me but he is pyramided and because he doesn't have the proper care and enclosure he will continue to pyramid.

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