Brand new to tortoise keeping and want advice


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Jun 11, 2021
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I’m a looking at getting a tortoise and want some advice. I know some basics about tortoises as I’m a veterinary nurse but mainly deal with companion animals (cats/dogs/rabbits) rather than exotics so we don’t see them all that often.
I want to do some research first and check we are getting the right sort of set up sorted.

we have been looking at getting an inclosed viv rather than a tortoise table as we have cats and don’t want them misbehaving so to speak. We have seen the ‘vivexotic reptiview vivarium’ and want to know if that will be suitable as an indoor enclosure. When the weather is fine we have a large garden that we can section off for it to roam around too.

thank you for any advice you can give.


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Sep 6, 2011
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I don't know that enclosure but it also depends on type of tortoise you want and at what age/size you get.
Open tables are not for hatchlings so you are on the right track with a viv if it's for a hatchling. Most small tortoise species will still need a 4x8 foot minimum enclosure as an adult. An outside enclosure should always be considered for the warm months.

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