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Jan 5, 2019
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Ontario, Canada
Hi All,

I just moved from the UK with my horsfield tortoise. I’m struggling a bit with the different brands in Canada.

He is a rescue with mild-moderate MBD.

I’m looking for recommendations regarding:
T8 UV bulbs and lamps
Supplements/Vitamins (calcium and just multivitamins)
Temperature control and thermometers

Some of the products are the same but it’s all just very difficult to nagivate with the marketing and trying to choose the best. I’d also appreciate knowing where these things can be purchased and where is best to purchase them!

We have this bath additive called VetArk Reptoboost in the UK which I was advised to add to his bath every so often (he’s still recovering from his previous owner’s care). Just wondering if anything like that is available here?

I’m also wondering what weeds can be fed to them here. There’s quite a few that are the same between the UK and Canada but would like to know any extras to add to his diet! [emoji4]

Then, one last thing, I’m looking for a good website or store to buy pesticide free plants to start a garden for him/maybe even plant some in his enclosure depending on substrate. Any recommendations short of buying seeds? Just so he can have them ASAP!

I’m in southern Ontario if this helps at all! I’m on the US border as well so am able to go to the US for products cheaper/not readily available here.

Thank you all [emoji4] I’m very excited to have been able to bring him with me!


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Jul 5, 2018
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Pet shops don’t have much equipments and sell overpriced, Id’stay on amazon...Im not an expert on weeds and grasses but dandelions are the most common weeds, you’ll find them everywhere. For the seeds I went for a local agriculture store where they sell seeds for farm animals, there are great websites in US but in Can it’s extremely difficult to find anything that’s not a scam, I think it’be even more reliable on ebay...Most pet stores will have the reptile vitamins for a reasonable price.

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