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Breeding Star Tortoises - Questions

Discussion in 'Indian Star and Burmese Star tortoises' started by Lrodmyre, Apr 11, 2019.

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  1. Lrodmyre

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    Aug 7, 2018
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    Lindstrom, MN
    Hi All,
    I have a few questions about Indian Stars and breeding. I acquired 2 Indian stars last August. One female and one male. The female's birth date is 11/26/17. Her name is Star. Then my male's birth date is 3/4/17. Name is Indy.
    I have noticed "activity" from him with her that I am sure is he trying to mate with her. Everything I have read says that the females aren't ready until about 3. When I measure the bottom of her, she is 6 inches. Her weight as of yesterday is 629 grams. He is 5 inches and 429 grams.

    I have them in an 8' x 3' vivarium that I built. They are a little "bumpy" (that's the way they were when I received them, but I do think it is getting better) so I keep them moist (80%) and warm (80-85) basking at 95-100. My problem is I only have them in 6 inches of substrate. I don't think that enough if she does get eggs.

    Do you keep Indian Stars in enclosed and humid conditions forever? I'm in Minnesota, so there won't be any long length of time they are out. I will put them out on really hot days, but will always bring them in. I ask because how to you get 12 inches of substrate in a vivarium? That's a lot of substrate.

    Also, how do you know when she has eggs? Symptoms of trying to lay? I've read that they do "test" nests, but she burrows down about 2" into the substrate to sleep, so she's always digging to burrow down. I really love these guys, but, boy, it's tough finding stuff out about them. I am constantly researching. Hopefully I am ahead of the game.

    How much weight does she gain when gravid? Is it a drastic amount?

    I also have turtles, and the female tries to get out of the tank when she is about to lay eggs, so that's easy to see.

    I've attached a picture of them'

    Thanks for your help!

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