Brookfield Zoo Illinois


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May 5, 2018
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I just visited Brookfield Zoo in Illinois today and the sight of the home for these tortoises made me cry. They had a tiny enclosure with almost no hides in it. It was about 10ft by 8ft and held 6 tortoises in it!!! I tried to speak to someone on the matter but no one would give me the time of day. [emoji22] they had what looks like 2 desert tortoises, a hingeback, a radiated tortoise, and 2 Galapagos tortoises. IMG_1528744701.775737.jpg IMG_1528744707.135235.jpg IMG_1528744711.901983.jpg
(I forgot to grab another picture of the other tortoises, my bad)
This just made me so sad and I thought I should share it on the forum. These torts deserve a better life than they get sometimes and it frustrates me. Does this happen in other zoos? Tucson Zoo only had Aldabra tortoises when I went but it seemed they had a subpar enclosure but at least better than Brookfield. So unfortunate.