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Apr 15, 2010
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I'd like some help solidifying the ID on some of my cactus. I'll give you my best guess and would appreciate being corrected or being provided with some additional insight. Then I'll show off a couple of plants I think are neato.

Cactus #1:




My best guess is Opuntia Quimilo. This one is very similar to #2 below, but the pads are a bit bigger, not as thick, and have more purple around the edges. No glochids to speak of really, but the person I got the original pads from said they had very long spikes. So far, no spikes on the new growth. The torts seem to enjoy this one. I've never seen this one beyond the pictures I got from the source and these in my backyard.

Cactus # 2



Best guess is Opuntia Paraguayensis. A very common variety. Thick short pads with long spikes and little to no glochids. The Home Depot by me was selling these as Quimilo, but I disagree based on my interweb searching. The second picture counts as showing off since some of the pads are over 10 inches. Not a lot I've seen are that big.

Cactus # 3


I don't even have a guess on this one It was labeled as "Waving Hand Cactus". When I google that name, all I get back are pictures of cartoon cactus's waving their hands. I have not yet offered this to the tortoises so I'm not sure how they'll like it.

Cactus # 4




Best guess is Opuntia Engelmannii. Very thick pads with short-uniform spikes and a moderate amount of glochids. The pads grow fast when in the ground and the plants grow with nice symmetry. I use a machete to cut the spikes off and to slice up the pad. Based on how aggressive my tortoises eat this, I am guessing it's their favorite type.

I'm just showing off these next ones. I'll label them, please correct me if they are wrong.

Opuntia Bravoana...ok, while the plants themselves aren't too impressive, the size of the pads are. At least to me they are.



Opuntia Cochenilifera. I found this plant by snooping around the "employees only" section of my local nursery (I am indeed a rebel). A good find if I say so myself.


I have a couple more types, but not worth sharing at this point. Unfortunately, I showed up late to the cactus party due to frequent moves, but things around here are starting to take root so hopefully my crops will be able to keep up with my bio-load soon.

I'm always looking for other types. Please contact me if you have any leads.

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Jan 23, 2008
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M-m-m-m...I do so love a show off!! :D

I'm not any good at the different types of opuntia, so I'm afraid I can't help you with that. But we do have a member who has a very good track record. I'll send a shout-out to @Iochroma for help.

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