Calling on indian star owners residing in INDIA


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Aug 3, 2021
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Rajkot, Gujarat
Hello, Shanu. Excellent job creating this thread. Much needed. I am from Rajkot, Gujarat and I have two Indian star tortoises.. younger one is 9 years old male and elder one is female, much older considering her size. (Don't know her exact age). They eat cucumbers, bottle gourds( loki), Apple gourd(Tinde), okra and other green veggies. Trying slowly to make them switch to a natural diet of grass and opuntia. I also want to give them for adoption to reliable, responsible and tortoise loving adopters. Adopter should have adequate nonconcrete soil floor space with ventilation and should be preferably located in west India(Gujarat, Rajasthan or maharashtra). Please let me know if interested.


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Nov 4, 2021
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India, telangana
Sir. We just got a tortoise around few days and now arranging the enclosure. I really want it to be in the balcony where there's a lot of sunlight but I am bit scared that the birds would attack him since he is pretty small. What should I do?

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Nov 15, 2021
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i've been viewing different posts and threads where one or the other owners living in india are seeking an advise from star owners in INDIA...
and the prime reason for that is most of the advise, help articles, terminology(except for the general ones) don't apply here in india.... it seems to be the irony that the star is native to India and India lacks the most crucial needs, accessories, necessities etc. So i thought instead of posting things in scrambled ways in different threads why not create a new thread that would be centred to help and solve issues of people like us living in india......

so i'm calling on all star owners living in india to give a little bit of intro about you and your tort( its age, weight, size etc) and where you live ( like state or even better .. city) , pictures of your star, enclosure, what diet you feed them etc........ this info would help us asses each other, solve each other's issues and problems and also teach us new better was of keeping our stars.......

So let's see how many Star owners from INDIA!!! :) :) :) :)

I'm Shanu and i live in Jaipur Rajasthan, INDIA :D

i have a 10 year old MALE Indian star tortoise natively belonging to Kutch Gujarat....... i rescued him from a friend of my friend.... and he was previously wild caught and that explains his pyramiding.....but he's still very handsome :)

Here is Max:
View attachment 41321


and this is his outdoor enclosure:

His Diet:
hibiscus flower and greens
fenugreek(methi) in winter
lawn grass( variety)
I do have Indian star tortoise at my flat. I have from last one year we rescued him from roadside he was little injured from shell. My tortoise is very active. But he eats only long beans (choli) and cucumber and some time okra . We gave him hibiscus flower , fenugreek , palak other green vegetables too but he doesn't eats it. I don't know his age too can you tell how to measure his age ?


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Nov 10, 2022
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New guy joining inn !! Glad found this forum i have 2 tortoise rescued from a road side seller, they was kept in in small clear plastic box , bought them home my 4 year old son named them TIK-Tik & Tok-tok 👍🤣


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