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Jun 30, 2018
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Years ago my sister hurt herself and needed some help so I went. She gave me some cats toys for my cats when I left...One of them was this ball in the track with a scratching area in the middle...
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Smokey going on 14 years old...loves it. Simon is declawed and is touchy about his big paws has never played with it...Smokey goes crazy playing with it. I have had to replace the scratching middle 3 times, so when I received a gift card for Christmas I was shopping around for a dress on Amazon when I saw this so I got it for Smoke...
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He went insane... 100 1540
Even Simon took a turn at it...Smokey plays with it every day... 100 1540

Cathie G

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Aug 9, 2018
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Dilly had one like the first picture but finally stopped playing with it so I got rid of it. It's a small house and it would collect dirt and hair. I still have a smaller version I use for a plug to stop my bunny from getting under my printer table. No one plays with it but the grandkids ? when they leave I have to make sure all the toys that do double duty are back in the purfect spot. it's ridiculous around here.

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