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CB '15 Northern Ib.era Greeks and Eastern Hermann's direct from the breeder

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Feb 27, 2009
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The Catskill Mountains of New York State
Ibera-cb14-1.JPG Ibera Greeks, Testudo (graeca) ibera, Northern race offspring from large (8-9"), dark contrasting black & yellow parents. This race if from the northern most extent of the species range in Romania and Bulgaria and is very cold tolerant. They are very healthy and active. $110 each.

Eastern Hermann's, Testudo hermanni boettgeri, second generation captive borns from medium size (6-7") parents that have bright yellow and black contrasting coloration. These are a cold hardy species that are very adaptable to a wide range of climates found in the U.S. $110 each.

Above prices do not include shipping. Please email me with your zip code to get an accurate shipping cost.

All offspring that I offer are packed properly and safely for shipping and are guaranteed to arrive 100% healthy.

Please ask any questions before purchasing. [email protected]

Thank you,

Gary B


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