CB 2 year old male Russian tortoise

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Nov 3, 2012
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Central Arkansas (we moved!)
This handsome little 2 year old captive bred MALE Russian tortoise is available and looking for an awesome family. He hatched in 2019 and was one of several holdbacks I raised with the intent of keeping. However, I don't really need more males.
$250 shipped anywhere in the contiguous US. You will also get baby pics, hatch date, pics of the parents, and all of his weigh-in data from the past 2 years.

He is healthy and friendly and outgoing, and has been living in a 10ft x 10ft naturalistic outdoor habitat 24/7 since this April. Before that, he was started with a hot humid hide, daily soaks, good weeds and wild flowers, and daily sunshine as weather permitted.
He successfully brumated in the fridge last winter, but this is optional.
He is very clearly a male, he has sprouted a long tail and has flashed his boy bits.

For serious inquiries within the USA, please send me a private message. You absolutely MUST have an escape proof, predator proof outdoor space for him for at least the warm months of the year, and be willing to provide proper indoor space, heat and UV for cold months.
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