CDT Hatchling Daily Routine - Is there a “normal”?


Nov 30, 2021
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Tustin, CA
Hey all,

I have had my CDT hatchlings for 5 months now since they hatched, and after a rough start, they seem to have their routine down. I just wanted to run it by the group to make sure that its okay and “normal” or see if there are any habits I should look out for.

I have 5 DCT hatchlings (smallest to largest: Rosie, Righty, Franklin, Lefty & Big Guy named by their appearance and scute structure).

- Their heat lamp is on from 6:30am to 7:30pm everyday. When I wake up at 8am the 3 largest hatchlings franklin, lefty, and big guy are always out basking under the heat lamp.
- When I wake up I usually pull the 2 smallest out and put them indirectly under the heat. If I dont they will stay asleep for hours longer before possibly coming out.
- I then put out food and they will all munch away whenever they have warmed up enough. Lots of eating and lots of pooping.
- The two smallest that dont wake up by themselves in the morning will then go back to their hides and sleep there until afternoon soaks.
- The three larger hatchlings will then stomp around for abit and spend the rest of their day laying indirectly under the basking lamp with the occasional bite (can hatchlings over eat?) to eat or walk in and out of a hide.
- I soak them all at 2pm for 20 minutes, usually separating the active ones and the sleeping ones into two soaking containers so the sleepers don't get walked on. I put food in with them while they soak and they will munch on that during the 20 minutes.
- After soaking then will usually all make their way back to their food bowl for another few bites then the 3 larger ones will go back under the lamp and the two little guys will go back in their hides.
- When their light shuts off they will make their way back to their hide for the night and repeat the next day.

Additional Info:
Temps: Basking 97, warm side 81, cooler side 75, night thermostat set to 70
Humidity: 80s in closed chamber
Substrate: Coco Coir
Sizes: Rosie 52g, Righty 60g, Franklin 72g, Lefty 72g, Big Guy 84g (I took them to the vet Dec 3rd and they all weighed between 40-50g except big guy who was 60g. Im not sure if theres a normal growth rate just thought it was weird that they are growing at such different paces over the past month)

Thanks again, im assuming that there is no “normal” but if any of this sounds out of the ordinary i’d like to know. Mainly about how three of them have one schedule and the other two are different and how it seems to have to do with their size. They all eat, drink, soak, and poop regularly but just wanted to put everything out there and see if theres any advice. I know theres always room for improvement!


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