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Chris Leone- Garden State Tortoise & Hermanni Haven

Discussion in 'Tortoise Vendor Reviews' started by Brandon W, Aug 13, 2014.

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    Oct 15, 2019
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    My daughters wanted a pet and we didn’t want a cat or a dog. We decided on a tortoise. We got one from a pet store and didn’t know anything. We didn’t have it for a month when we believe it was sick when we bought it. We loved it very much and I researched breeders and came upon Chris. He was super helpful with providing information and it took me a few weeks to decide tk buy one of his tortoises. We did and bought 2 baby Hermanns Dalmatian Tortoises. We’ve had them for almost a month and they are doing great. We have “HQ” (Hankers-Qunari) and Cookie Crumbs McGee. HQ loves to explore and Cookie loves to sleep and dig so we have to dig each day. I cant recommend Chris enough as words just don’t do him any justice...he’s just that good!

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