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Sep 14, 2020
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We decided to cover our turtle and fish pond with a greenhouse to protect the new plants and to keep the water above 55, hopefully avoiding bermation.
I have 2 yellow belly and 1 red ear slider in the pond with lots of fish and frogs.
This created 2 problems - 1) humidity, so ive been venting every morning and closing it up every evening, trying to keep my water temp and air temp within 20 degrees of each other to avoid respiratory problems.
2nd problem - it blocks the sun
My 2 questions-
Can I hang a full spectrum led grow light for the uvb? Suggestion on which one?
And any suggestions on a good wifi water temp/air temp/humidity monitor??


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Nov 28, 2023
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New York
You’ve got a really cool setup going on there, I love the way you’ve planted it. To answer both your questions:

1. Unfortunately, as far as I know, led grow lights do not emit a significant amount of UV rays. You’d need to purchase an actual liner UV bulb. You’ll need a T5 bulb and T5 fixture, but I can’t tell you the exact T5 bulb you’d need because it will depend on the species you have and how high up you mount the bulb. Arcadia is a great company and sells the best quality UV bulbs, and they have a feature on their website that allows you to figure out what kind of bulb you’ll need that I’ll link here for you.

2. I personally use the Govee thermometer/hygrometer, and I love it. They’re inexpensive, work really well, and have some great features like an app you can use to monitor them with and even save the data they record. They’re for sale on Amazon. I’ll link em’ for you!

Govee Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer 2 Pack, Bluetooth Humidity Temperature Gauge with Large LCD Display, Notification Alert with Max Min Records, 2 Years Data Storage Export for Room Greenhouse

Alex and the Redfoot

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Aug 21, 2023
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Hello! You have a truly beautiful "turtle place" here!

1. For the sensors:
- check Inkbird water pool temperature sensors. Some members here use them. However, it doesn't have top notch reliability.
- for "dry" monitoring you can also look at SensorPush. It's more expensive than others (especially water-resistant model), yet they are reliable and have some really neat features, like notifications if sensor connection is lost.

2. For the UVB: Grow lights doesn't give any UVB. Arcadia or ZooMed T5 lamps should work fine. Maybe makes sense to couple it with a basking lamp to attract creatures under it and help them with thermoregulation.

3. I know a little about frogs and sliders, but tortoises need to warm up at least to 80F to digest food properly. So there is a temperature range when they don't brumate but cannot process food. You may need to check the care sheets or get a advice on that (just in case if you are new to keeping).

I would really like to know if this greenhouse idea would work well for you. Please, post some updates (and temperature graphs, maybe).