Complete Federal Register Announcement on listing of 201 Injurious Salamanders


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Federal Register
Vol. 81, No. 8 / Wednesday, January 13, 2016 / Rules and Regulations

Injurious Wildlife Species; Listing Salamanders Due to Risk of Salamander Chytrid Fungus

Interim rule; request for comments; notice of availability of economic analysis. request for comments; notice of availability of
economic analysis. This action is necessary to protect the interests of wildlife and wildlife resources from the
introduction, establishment, and spread of the chytrid fungus Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans into ecosystems of
the United States. The fungus affects salamanders, with lethal effects on many species, and is not yet known to
be found in the United States. Because of the devastating effect that we expect the fungus will have on native U.S.
salamanders if introduced and,therefore, the need to act immediately to prevent the disease from being introduced into the United States, the
Service is publishing this interim rule.

Go to

for complete posting. It is long and very comprehensive.
Pages 1534 to Page 1556
List of the 201 Salamanders starts on the bottom of Page 1554.

Additional Information (How to send in your comments)

This interim rule is effective as of January 28, 2016. Interested persons
are invited to submit written comments on this interim rule on or before March
14, 2016

You may submit comments by any of the following methods:

Federal eRulemaking Portal:
Search for Docket No. FWS–HQ–FAC–2015–0005 and
follow the instructions for submitting comments.

Mail, Hand Delivery, or Courier: Public Comments Processing, Attn:
FWS–HQ–FAC–2015–0005; Division of Policy, Performance, and Management
Programs; United States Fish and Wildlife Service; MS: BPHC; 5275
Leesburg Pike; Falls Church, VA 22041–3803.

We will not accept email or faxes. We will post all comments on This generally means that we will post any personal
information you provide us (see Comments on the Content of the Interim
Rule for more information). All submissions received must include
‘‘Docket No. FWS–HQ–FAC–2015–0005’’ for this rulemaking. For detailed
instructions on submitting comments and additional information on the
rule making process, see Comments on the Content of the Interim Rule.
Docket: For access to the docket to read background documents or
comments received, go to
and find Docket No. FWS–HQ–FAC–2015–0005.

Jason Goldberg or Susan Jewell, Injurious Wildlife Listing Coordinators,
United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Branch of Aquatic Invasive Species; MS:

Go to: FAC; 5275 Leesburg Pike; Falls Church, VA 22041–3803 telephone 703–358–
1715. If you use a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD), please call the
Federal Information Relay Service : (FIRS) at 800–877–8339.