Cool Herpetology Job Opening Up - San Diego

jeff kushner

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Jul 24, 2020
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North of Annapolis
LOL....yes, I did pick that up before posting....but great "connecting of dots"!

It was what I "read into" the job....and forgive me for not sugarcoating stuff....

a glorified filing clerk...I imagine a lot of folks use that collection and this position tracks it all, in addition to the prep and filing of all new specimens. the controlled environments, the works.

Sounds like a job where there is a LOT of downsides or things that could go wrong, but with very little upside other than "ego enticers".

Now FIELD Collection, THAT would be super cool! They mention Field project only as a reason while this person will be working nights & weekends, not that they would actually go on those trips.

Maybe a cool job coming out of class to network and learn the business of business.