Couple of questions


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Jul 16, 2015
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Dublin, Ireland
Hi all, Iv had little flash for a month now and he is doing great, becoming more active and even coming out every morning for a good munch! But yesterday after his bath there was a huge poo in it, thats the first one I have seen, Is that normal for them?

2: Is it ok to feed them food from the fridge, I keep all his fruit and veg in the fridge but I am afraid that feeding him the cold food will lower his temp?

3: Im in Ireland and we get good hot weather in the summer, I was thinking of making him an out door spot for when the weather is hot, get some real sun! But whats a good out door temp for him, we would average 16.c here which I think is about 60.f Is that to cold?


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Sep 6, 2011
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Food from the frig is fine. Tortoises will eat their poop so he may be eating his. I would soak him everyday for 15-20 minutes until he as about 1 1/2 -2 years then you can cut back to a few times a week, as long as you see him drink or soak on his own. 60 is too low of a temp. I wouldn't put him out until it's around 75, however, I don't know how low they can take, so I will alert someone who would know. @N2TORTS @allegraf


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Feb 21, 2010
Big poops ....good sign- For certain if it's " clean waste" ....they will relieve themselves quite often in their water dish ( A built in Bidet ;))
Room temp food is better - although fridge food is not a problem but you need to watch out for other bacteria living in your fridge
60F is much too low .... your asking for RI infection - especially if its damp out ....with those temps~