Daily Updates: Oil Spill Jeopardizes All Sea Turtles in the Gulf of Mexico

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Today- July 8, 2010 -

Rescue efforts are stalled and shrimping has slowed, resulting in minimal daily changes to the number of sea turtle deaths and recoveries by Unified Command. A total of 606 sea turtles have now been impacted by the deadly duo of the oil spill and commercial fishing interactions, 449 of them are now dead.

A massive skimmer "A Whale" is now anchored in the Gulf ready for conditions to improve to begin removing oil from the sea surface.

Coast Guard has now adopted a set of interim guidelines to place observers and sea turtle rescue equipment on vessels engaged in the controlled burn operations. This development is the direct result of legal actions by the Sea Turtle Restoration Project and allies in the Center for Biological Diversity, Animal Welfare Institute, and Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Efforts by Unified Command to enlist trained professionals to increase wildlife rescue are beginning, and this change in operations can also be attributed to constant pressure from the Sea Turtle Restoration Project and other wildlife conservation groups working at the local and national level.
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