Desert Tortoise Lover thinking about Adopting

Jun 6, 2020
Location (City and/or State)
Los Angeles, CA
Hi there! I've been following this forum for a while and am already grateful for the incredible information I've learned about all sorts of fascinating varieties of tortoise. I absolutely love the look and personality of the desert tortoise. I live in LA and there appears to be a local chapter of the California Turtle and Tortoise club located very close to me. However, I am worried that I don't currently have the ideal outdoor space required to make a California desert tortoise happy and I would love your advice.

I rent a nice Highland Park home with a very large enclosed front deck, shaded by palm trees and shrubs/vines planted along the side of the deck. I don't have a grassy or large dirt area at this time. My prospective tortoise could have a very large indoor enclosure (nearly half the size of a master bedroom) with frequent, supervised access to sun, shade and fresh air on the deck. I could grow his weeds/plants in containers on the deck, but I'm not sure that I could make a large outdoor enclosure for him to 'live in.' I will likely move into a home with a better yard in the next couple of years, but don't want to force a tortoise into sub-optimal conditions in the meantime.

If you have any perspective, suggestion, alternative breed ideas, etc., please feel free to educate me!