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Dec 5, 2021
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I am going to build or attempt to build my adult Redfoot an indoor home. Currently resides in a tortoise table and i know its too small now. I need some ideas on what to use, enclose it or leave it open? Plexi glass window or no window at all? Reptile earth or some type of dirt on the bottom? And lastly what type of live plants can i put in there for her? I know i am going to make it at least 4x7. I have heard people to seal the bottom and maybe use plexiglass on the bottom as well. Any pictures would be nice as well, thanks


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Jul 16, 2014
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It's going to need to be a closed chamber enclosure.
So, mostly sealed. Some keepers use a mini greenhouse made for plants. Others just block off the top with a piece of plexi.
Because it'll be constantly humid. Wood is not a great candidate unless you are able to seal it. At least the lower areas that will be always moist. And even then mold and rotten wood are still very likely.
I've used Orchid bark in mine as well as Orchid bark with plain potting soil mixed in.
Because it is a closed chamber, the heating and T5 HO UVB lighting will need to be suspended INSIDE the enclosure. So it will need to be tall enough to handle that.
Itll need to be over 70% humid 24/7 and the radiant temperature should be between 80 and 86. Night and day.
It takes a lot of tweaking to get it all worked out. But after that it's all much simpler.
I have no pictures of indoor enclosures because my Redfoot live outdoors.

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