Drinking ALOT of water..should I be concerned


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Jun 17, 2012
So .. I have to post this for the adventures of Tyrone, never end ..

I had been noticing Tyrone hadn't been eating his greens ...and he was hanging around his water bowl...

ME: I am so worried about Tyrone..he isn't eating and all he does is drink water!
HUBBY: So ..he is thirsty
ME: Nooo you don't understand he is literally hanging his head in his water dish for hours at a time!
HUBBY: Again he is probably just thirsty, I swear you are obsessed woman!
ME: you are an uncaring jerk!
HUBBY: what did I say? Why are you yelling at me?
ME: just go ... I swear you aggravate me on purpose!
HUBBY: Now what did I do?
ME: I am not speaking to you!

At this point hubby go off mumbling to him self ...

Daughter: Mom...what are you doing?
ME: watching Tyrone...I think he is sick! Oh my poor baby!
Daughter: OH NO! what's wrong with him?
ME: he is drinking water!
Daughter: ummm...Mom ...he is SUPPOSED to drink water!
ME: I know! but he is drinking it all day! He just sits there and hangs his head near the water and he keeps dunking it!
Daughter: ok... So he dunks his head? And ...just how does that make him sick?
ME: he has never done that before!! He is acting weird ... Look at him!

Daughter looks at him

Daughter: yeah ..well ...hmmm. OK i am out, my friends and I are going to dinner.
ME: how can you leave? Tyrone is sick!
Daughter: Mom! He is just drinking water!
ME: I am going to soak Him!
Daughter: OK .... But if you are worried he is drinking to much what is soaking him going to do?
ME: this is why I took over his care! It is what you do if they are sick! He is sick!

At this point Daughter threw her hands in the air and walked out the door
I proceed to soak Tyrone!

Son: awww look Tyrone is getting a bath!
ME: He is sick! I am soaking him!
ME: he just sits in front of his water all day drinking! He must be dehydrated or something! He isn't eating like normal..I ..I don't know what to do!
Son: should we call a vet?
ME: maybe .. I am going to go on the Tortoise Forum and ask what everyone thinks!
Son: what else can you do for him?
ME: I don't know! I just added new Eco earth and nuggets to his enclosure, I know everything is right were it should be....
Son: Poor Guy!
ME:He looks ok ... I don't see any watery eyes or discharge from nose ... But he was breathing with a whistle kinda ...

After a long soak, we put Tyrone Back in the sink..I go to the Forum asking for advice. We decide to keep and eye on him over the next few days ..although I am ready to take him to the vet at first sign of anything else wrong.

ME: oh Tyrone, why are you not eating???
Hubby: what are you doing now to that poor thing?
ME: hush! I am trying to figure out what is wrong with him ...
Hubby: He looks fine to me...he ate all them pellet things I gave him this morning..
ME: WHAT?!? I have been giving him his greens every morning!
Hubby: Well ..when I get up early he is sitting there staring at his dish so I give him about 14 or so of them pellets, I sprinkle some water on them and boy he goes to town!
ME: WHAT?!!?? You have been giving him that everyday????
Hubby: well... Yeah for the last two weeks about.
ME: OH MY GOD!!!! No wonder he won't he eat anything else! What the hell is wrong with you?!!!
Hubby: ME??!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!! GEESH! First you say I don't pay attention to Tyrone..then when I do you bite my head off!
Me: He can't eat Mazuri everyday! He needs his greens and vegetables! No wonder he won't eat anything!
Hubby: well you never told me ....
ME: (interrupting) How long have you watched me prepare his food! REALLY?!!!!
Hubby: I don't have to take this abuse, I am going fishing AND I won't be back until you apologize!
ME: Looks like you will be gone a long time!

Hubby leaves.. I just stare at Tyrone...he looks at me with the stink eye
Hubby comes home with even more catfish about 7 hours later!
We all watch Tyrone closely ... I get up one morning to find Hubby, daughter, and son all hanging around Tyrone's Enclosure...

ME: OH MY GOD ..what's wrong with Tyrone?!!!????
Hubby: Nothing ...he is bobbing for wood chips!
Daughter: he is so funny! He walks all over the place and gets wood chips in his water..
Son: I think he does it on purpose!
Daughter: I wouldn't doubt it !!
ME: Ok ok ok ...and ....
Hubby: well then he sits there and stares at the chips..
Daughter: and then he likes to bite them
Son: Sometimes they sink when he tries to, but he just gets them and he shoots water out of his nose! it's too funny!
Daughter: he just did it! HAA HAAA look he is going after another piece!
Son: go it get Tyrone!
Hubby: you will be happy to know, we gave him spring mix!
Daughter: yeah he dragged a piece in his water and did the bobbing thing and ate it in the water!

There stands me with my mouth hanging open...I have never seen them all so interested ..

ME: well...I guess Tyrone isn't sick ...I..I... I will just go update my friends on the Tortoise Board... Ummm ...ok

And there it is ... Tyrone has invented his own one Tortoise side show!


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Mar 15, 2013
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Your as bad as me. But I don't have anyone else that cares for them so I know what they eat lol. BTW mazuri is a pretty balanced diet as long as it's not the high fiber kind (there are 2 kinds) that's all I fed my first tort for a year before I got on here. I promise it wouldn't kill him. My little guy is super healthy, the vet even complimented him. I still to this day feed them all Mazuri every day with their greens and such. :) and it's going on 3 years now lol

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