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Sep 4, 2020
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Hi All,

Are there any Dumeril's Boa keepers on the forum? I had wanted them for quite some time and got a male and female from separate sellers later last year. They're both thriving and doing excellently and have amazing temperaments, which I couldn't be more pleased with. (The female's parents are both 34 years old from **** Goergen)

But after getting my female and comparing her to the male, I noticed her head is a bit stubbier and more blunt, whereas the male's head looks a tad longer and pointier. I also noticed his patterning does not really connect on the back anywhere, whereas the female does have some connected patterning. With that noted, I started to wonder could the male have some Madagascar Ground Boa in him as well?
Based on my research, the Madagascar's have reduced patterning and a more elongated head shape and their patterning doesn't usually go as high up the sides/doesn't go over the snake's back or connect as often. However, I also know that there are different color/patterning variances between each species, so I wanted to get feedback from a longtime keeper who might have a better eye for it.

I've attached pictures of them here and would appreciate anyone's feedback regarding the male. In the split-screen photo the male is the one pictured on the left and I also I included individual photos of each. Like all of my animals, they are first and foremost my pets and passion, but years down the line when they've grown my plan is to breed them, so just trying to ensure my male is indeed a true Dumerils, as I'm still new to the species.

Thank you so much for any input and if you'd like more pictures, please let me know and I can definitely take some. Also, would love to see your Dumeril's boas if you have pictures to share! (They're soooo pretty)

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