Eastern Hermann’s instahatch eggs!!!


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Jun 13, 2010
Have you ever wanted to see a tortoise hatch out of an egg right before your eyes? Tortstork will help you with that opportunity with an instahatch egg. It’s an experience you will never forget!!!

What is an Insta-Hatch egg?

•An Insta-Hatch egg is an egg that is 100% fertile and days away from hatching.
•The egg is candled and documented through out incubation to confirm that it is developing properly.
•The egg is shipped 10 days before its predicted hatch date.
•All you need is an incubator.
•I recommend an incubator that can hold steady at 88/89F with 60-80% humidity. I use Hovobator 1602N
•Based on our experience and knowledge we make the judgment call on when the egg is ready to ship. We use the percentage of airsac that remains in the egg to predict when the best time to ship is.
•We ship in a novel way that protects the egg from being damaged.
•Since we have started shipping insta-hatch tortoise eggs, we have a 98% success rate. One, and only one egg did not hatch. My data is attached.

*for every egg purchased from Tortstork, we donate $10 to a turtle/tortoise conservation group in your name. You will receive an email from that conservation group confirmining the donation.

Please learn more about Tortstork by watching theTurtleRoom’s pondcast from 3/4/19. Link below.

If you have any questions or want to discuss more on how this process works, please email me [email protected]

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