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Oct 31, 2023
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Hello folks
I'm not new to reptiles, have a few snakes, chameleon, tarantulas, but its been years since I had tortoises. I researched species and found out about the Egyptians, which fits perfect for me because they don't grow too much. After more research on proper husbandry, I discovered I would have to find a californian breeder, since its where I live. Luckily, I found Martha. From the beginning of our conversation she was very welcoming and helpful. I ended up getting a couple of egyptians babies from her, who are the most precious thing ever. They have perfect scutes, nicely aligned and proportional. They were a bit shy in the first couple of days, but came out of their shell ( pun intended) quickly, moving all over the habitat, eating, drinking, pooping. Martha was also nice to answer my (many) questions thru text. When we met in person for the purchase, we chatted for a long time, very pleasant person. Definitely recommend.

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