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Mar 6, 2012
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I have a few questions for the experts here.

1. What type of wood would you recommend for my indoor enclosure?
(i was thinking pine since it is fairly cheap and I'm on a budget. Opinions?)

2. outdoor enclosure (spring summer and fall use only). I have a partially shaded area in my backyard near some windbreak trees. These trees are the Non fruit bearing variety of Russian Olive trees with thorns and lots of small thin leaves.

Are these leaves poisonous to torts?

Would it be harmful to the torts to build an enclosure between the two rows of trees so it would be partially hidden? We have roughly 3 acres and No fence of any kind to hide from prying eyes. I can provide pics if needed?

thanks in advance for any input ya'll can provide, Ryan


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Jan 9, 2010
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I use plywood and 2x4s to build my indoor enclosures.

I have never fed olive leaves to a tortoise, but It is a main part of the diet for several giraffes that I have worked with. Zebras too. These animals ate lots of olive leaves every day for years on end, and were perfectly healthy. I'm guessing, based on this, that they won't hurt a tortoise either.
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