F2 Sicilian western Hermann’s

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Jun 13, 2010
$1000 shipped.

F2 Western Hermann’s Madonie (Sicilian) yearling

Testudo hermanni hermanni from Madonie. In short, this is a Sicilian Hermann’s

Stud book number 2-1346 (sire 2-1223, dam 2-1232).

This yearling was hatched by me on 5/16/2018. I held this back because it was the first documented F2 Madonie Hermann’s. It’s flawless. If there is a characteristic that a Sicilian Madonie should have, this hatchling has it. If you were to draw the perfect Sicilian Western Hermann’s, it would look like this.

Why am i selling it? My current colony is successfully young. They have been pure from day one. So I do not want to add any more to it and cause a disruption. I thought about starting a new one with this hatchling spearheading it, but there is a new project tortstork is working on and it needs to be funded.

This tortoise is looking like a female and acts like a female.

[email protected] if interested.

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