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Phil Fishinger

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Oct 29, 2022
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Setup: UK indoor, picking up our new little fella 1st week of January, 8’x2’, 15 month Russian, hot and cold end, basking area set to 97, one hide currently which is empty apart from substrate. A second hide will be added the other end near basking area. Two night time heat lamps on thermostat, with enclosure overhead to save the heat escaping, One uva and uvb Arcadia tube with reflector, one water bowl big enough to bath in if he wants (will always be very shallow) two feed areas to encourage activity, 2 big calcium rocks.

  1. I’ve sorted the basking area at one end of enclosure, but does it matter what the temperature is at the cold end during the day time?
  2. Night time temperature, what are the ranges I’m looking at for a Russian/Horsfield during the night?
  3. Feeding (part 1) the diet is weeds and flowers etc. all checked for suitability, but how much and how often do I feed? Is there an over feeding scenario?
  4. Feeding (part 2) I have some Nutrazu, how many pieces and how often?
  5. Some plants etc are classed as moderation, what is your interpretation of that? Once a week? Once a month? (Fruit is not part of the diet, at all)
  6. Humidity for day and night?
  7. I have purchased two nice white calcium stones, I also have the calcium powder for the feed, can you over do the calcium and cause issues?
  8. As mentioned, I have the calcium supplement, but are there any other items such as vitamin supplements etc that I’m unaware of?
  9. Is there anything wrong with bottled water? I ask this as my tap water affects my dishes and bowls with limescale and visually I’m not happy with that. If bottle water is a no I’ll just replace the bowls for a different material, so no problem.
  10. Finally, (though I could probably go on) is one basking area stone sufficient enough to keep nails down? Or more needed?

My thanks to every reply!


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Sep 6, 2011
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Chicago, Illinois, USA
One hide is plenty. Better to have one hide and more walking room
Winter night temp not lower then 70. Summer can just be what room temp is.
Day temps should range from 75 to 80 with 95 to 100 basking
Feed enough food that he can graze all day long on and off. Feed every day.
Moderation to me would be a small amount once a week.
Humidity 80% when adult can be 30-50%


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May 19, 2015
That's a pretty impressive list of things you've done and thought of- I can't advise you on the lighting and heating, but I would say you can give too much calcium and cause problems, - and a small pinch of a vitamin supplement such as Nutrabal a couple of times a week would be ok.
With calcium or vitamins,just a very small sprinkle on the food and mixed in - too much will put him off his food.
Bottled water is fine - I find the local water here sometimes smells of chlorine - and you might find with yours that it would leave marks on his shell, if it does so on your dishes. I think pre-boiled water might work too - and would be cheaper !
Best wishes from Angie.