First Clutch Ever infertile and mishapped


May 16, 2016
So If some of you recall Matillda who a lot of people insisted ( including my vet and friends on here) was a male was once again digging in her winter enclosure and while I was out of town this weekend laid a clutch of eggs.

Since she shares an outdoor pen with another female in the summer. So I know they weren't viable hatchlings as she's never been exposed to another red foot apart from our other female in 13 years.
Problems have occurred for a worried dad like myself so I wanted to verify this can first happen regularly enough that I shouldnt worry and that as a owner I did not jeopardize her health by making a mistake in husbandry.
She started get restless and digging test spots all over her enclosure at the beginning of this month. I raised an entire side of her enclosure with a mix of spagham and Coco fiber giving her an additional 12 inches in height and two feet in length sloping it back down gently towards the normal.basking site and placing an additional ceramic heat admitter towards it. This kept her from being restless and she settled down. Last week I noticed her getting antsy again and I tossed a whole cuttle bone in there just in case she needed a calcium boost ( she never laid eggs so she got cuttle bone semi regularly regardless as well as weekly pinches here and there in her food) she usually just nibbles through out the month on a piece of cuttle bone. However this Tim she ate the entire thing in one sitting.
That was just roughly 8 days ago
Last night I came home to a few dug out spots in the enclosure and at first what is was afraid was a mold bloom ( never had one so wasn't sure ha) but no they were a clutch of 5 thick eggs. One was stepped on and the others fuzed together in pairs. She had ended up not laying them in substrate at all but just to the side of her feeding station. I picked them up and they were thick with calcium I cracked one over the trash and it took quite a bit of force to do. I kept one to show you guys along side the single one that was stepped on. I count five all together so hopefully she doesn't have another slug stuck in her the poor girl. She's none the worst for wear and is acting normal. Gonna give her a long deserved soak in a bit but wanted to see if this is a normal event in a case where she got entirely too much calcium all at once or if I'm going to have to watch out from now on when she's ready to lay eggs and worry constantly that she's got a bit of an abnormalty.


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May 17, 2017
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I've read that some females (both torts and turtles) might lay eggs without being with a male. Since they aren't fertile, I assume it's possible that they are misshapen because of that. If she had been with a male, the eggs might have been normal? Just a theory.


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Mar 8, 2010
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Thick or calcified can mean she was holding on to them for a long time. Miss shapen and dropping them on the ground can be common to first time layers.

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