First time tortoise owner!


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May 21, 2018
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31B64DFF-6A21-4260-A501-17FFDC842D82.jpeg Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be a part of this forum. I am a very new first time tortoise owner and I’m really just over the moon about it :)

I live in Pittsburgh, PA and I purchased my Russian tortoise — Kiwi — from a local pet expo this past Saturday (May 19th). She’s a little less than 5 inches long and so far she’s been so amazing - really active, curious, and sweet. In the car straight out of the pet expo she was already eating from my hand! I have no experience with reptiles (unless you count me watching my boyfriend with his red eared slider the past few years) so I’m really just trying to research as much as I can and do the best I can.

Right now I have Kiwi set up in a 4’x4’ wooden tortoise table, lined with a shower liner and filled with Cyprus mulch. I’ve gotten lucky too the past few days because the weather has been so warm and sunny, so she’s been outside in my backyard with me for a few hours everyday (I haven’t built an outdoor enclosure yet so that’s next).

I look forward to interacting with everyone!

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