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Aug 27, 2019
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Buffalo, NY
I just realized I never introduced myself to the forum. I'm a new tortoise mom to my Hermann, Prudence. She's been with us since this last August. Prudence was a wedding gift to my husband and I from my sister. We weren't really prepared, and didn't have much knowledge about how to take care of a reptile. Up until then, I've just been a cat mom. Pennylane, my cat, was at first not happy about having a new sibling, she likes being the center of attention, but she's gotten pretty used to her now. Matt (my husband) and I have talked about getting a tortoise, but with wedding expenses taking over all of our excess money, we knew that it wasn't financially responsible for us to drop money on a new pet and supplies. So, we didn't involuntarily get Prudence as a pet, but we had a lot of learning to do. You guys have all been a tremendous help. I'm still learning new things, and I'm sure over the next several months I'm going to have lots of question. My little girl is too precious, and I'm trying to make sure I'm doing everything I can to have a happy and healthy tortoise.

Heres a picture of Prudence!
Prudence  2.jpg

Well, nice to formally meet all of you!

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