Ft McHenry

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Jul 24, 2020
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Kerry, a teacher had never been to Fort McHenry and what better day to do that then when it's expected to hit 94F?

We got there when it opened, was only 85F when we left 2-3 hours later and only 20-30 other folks were there so we really got a near private tour! I have been several times and even got to help take down the flag there once...pretty cool thing to do at the very spot where our anthem was born!

The flag pole is as it was back in the day, made from two Ships masts bolted together.....

We toured the very nice new Visitors center, watched a non-political movie and generally enjoyed the visit though it was a bit warm out. Any political references to the flag were relegated to a small room in the center where you could choose to read about it or not, your choice. ***** 5 stars!

We walked the outer wall before joining the flag raising! They remove the small flag each morning and run up the big Garrison flag. I got to stand next to Ranger Sully, who was quite enthusiastic about his job! LOL

I searched late him later to fill out my Junior Ranger cert....but couldn't find him!

I did notice that there has ever been any references to the guys at the Fort actually sinking any British ships has there? Think about it, they fired cannons ALL NIGHT, right....they HAD to hit something?? Otherwise, why didn't the Brit fleet just sail past the fort if the gunners couldn't hit anything? So, we have to surmise that the very idea of a 20-32lb cannon ball impacting your ship, no matter how small is simply untenable?

Regardless, I imagine those guys in the Fort went through sheer hell that night, and I'm thankful they had the courage to do so.

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Wrote this yesterday, then got called up to #1 daughters new-to-her condo with no AC, No power to the condenser disconnect but hot at the breaker. removed wire from disconnect and tied together then put the ohm meter on the wires inside after removing from the breaker, no continuity. The line is broken where it runs through the common area and someone else's unit!
What a mess.....I didn't handle the heat well and the sun kicked my butt so I'm working here today.

Oh and yes, I did procure an artifact....always! Nothing ever of value other than to me so any of you LEO overachievers, no need to send SWAT!

AND I finally got my "senior lifetime pass".............LMAO....this whole "old thing" has been so unexpected, I'm still learning how to deal with it! LOL

and to make the very most it!!!

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Very nice description and commentary. I didn't know that about the flag pole. Thanks for posting this.